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The Charlotte Continuous Improvement Consortium (CCIC) is a division of the Charlotte ASQ section, non-profit organization. The CCIC consists of a group of enterprise, governmental, and private leaders, working together to share continuous improvement best practices and experiences through member and organizational participation.

To strengthen Charlotte-area businesses’ financial and operational performance from a people, process, and technology perspective, by sharing best practices, successful models, and lesson’s learned from a group of local leaders.

The CCIC creates an environment that facilitates the exchange of information regarding ways to improve processes, organizational systems, and enterprise margins through the use of Lean and Six Sigma management.

The Consortium represents a cross-section of participants where their mission recognizes the need and desire for each member to achieve world-class performance. As such, the value of membership is predicated upon what existing members and new members bring to the Forum. Participants work together to become more efficient and profitable in the global marketplace.

Participant Make-Up
The common denominator is dedicated industry leaders who are passionate about driving sustained quality improvement in their organizations and our community. Participant make-up consists of decision makers in their respective industries down to divisional and operational manager level experience. Leaders on average have 12+ years of process and performance experience and hold a black belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Representative Organizations

  • Ally Financial
  • Bank of America
  • Camstar
  • Carolina Healthcare
  • Coca-Cola
  • Cummins Atlantic
  • Duke Energy
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement
  • Tax Management Associates
  • Pactera
  • Hunoval Law Firm

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Develop. Diversify. Scale.

Develop and Implement a Holistic Quality Education Strategy. What is the education lifecycle of the quality professional? How do we as a profession, educate and encourage younger people to become passionate and excited about Quality? How do we continue to engage and learn from professionals nearing retirement or retired? Many professional organizations focus on one segment of the education lifecycle, existing professionals. While this segment is core to ASQ, it alone does not cover all the needs of our stakeholders, especially when we understand the demographics of our aging workforce and future organizational Talent Management needs.

Our view of the education lifecycle includes quality education for K-12 students, college students, new professionals, existing professionals, and retiring professionals. Strategy execution begins by providing core existing professional education and training on topics like FMEA, Lean, Six Sigma, CQE/CQA/CQM Certification Training, ISO, etc delivered via in-person classroom and “On Demand”. Concurrently, we are developing a mentorship program which will provide an opportunity for new professionals and seasoned/retiring professionals to meet, share knowledge, and develop long-term relationships. We have also supported the creation of an ASQ Student Section at UNC Charlotte.

By investing in developing college students, we are creating a robust “farm system” of future quality professionals while providing the students with an opportunity to differentiate and seek better employment opportunities. Finally, a longer-term objective is to partner and engage with local schools (K-12) to educate and create excitement for technical areas such as quality, engineering, statistics, technology, etc. With three ASQ members on the Advisory Board for a new South Mecklenburg High School Academy (IDEA), we have begun executing on this goal. To remain competitive, our country cannot continue our current performance in Math and Science; education is our “Future of Quality”.

Diversify and Increase Membership Programming. Why do people join ASQ? How do you want to participate and get value from membership? What programs are you interested in? When can you participate? There are many reasons why you may join – professional development or certifications, networking, job opportunities or to benchmark and listen to relevant case studies. In today’s information overload and 24-7 connected environment, all of us are very busy, want more flexibility and personalized programming. To address this, we are working on several changes to our Programming. For our monthly Tuesday evening events, we will attempt to leverage more tours, case study topics, and collaborate with more organizations. We will increase our offerings to include a quarterly breakfast, more networking opportunities, and specialized group events (e.g. lean six-sigma). We have also a new committee focused on Sponsorships, which will encourage recruiting and service providers to engage with our members. Finally, we are developing a new track for our Annual Conference, focused on a very, unique leadership development program designed specifically for the quality professional.

Scale Community Improvement Projects. How does the quality profession demonstrate relevance in the community? How do we use our talents to collectively make a difference and have a positive impact on our community? By leveraging the passion and talents of our membership in using quality methodologies to drive improvement, we are helping “Not for Profit” (NPO) organizations do more with less. We piloted an initiative in 2012 with North Carolina Metrolina Association for the Blind (MABNC), which was a huge success on many fronts. MABNC, a remarkable organization focused on providing billing/statement services for the visually impaired for many Fortune 500 companies, saw significant improvement in operations by base lining and value stream mapping their processes &helipp; to hear an NPO talk about “first pass yields” was music to our ears. Our six ASQ members (a Master Blackbelt, a local Quality Executive, several seasoned consultants, and new quality professional) experienced industry cross-pollination, quality skill development, and organic mentorship, which aligned with some of the participating companies corporate social responsibility initiatives. As a result of this success story, we will scale the program to provide more opportunities for our members to make a difference in our community.

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